A Christmas Poem, by James D. Maxon

21 Dec

Patiently I await
For this joyous day to come.
Where we can come together
And bow before the Son.

 The bright white fluffy snow
Patters to the ground.
The coolness in the air
With peacefulness all around.

Before me the Christmas tree
With presents underneath.
Beside me, my beautiful wife
With a smile between her cheeks.

My family sitting near
Talking and laughing together.
The room fills with cheer
And hearts as soft as feathers.

 The Bible opens wide
And we read the Christmas story.
We hear of a child
Who came to show His glory.

 They say a king made a decree
To take away His life.
Little did they know this babe
Was the king of light.

 He had all the power to destroy
But instead He came to heal.
And when He died He left
Upon our hearts His seal.

 With the book softly closed
We said a little prayer.
Thanking God
For always being there.

 We passed around the gifts
Opening them one by one.
But we never forgot the gift
Of God’s one and only Son.

Merry Christmas
And blessings to all.

From the book: A Far Off Place: A Collection of Poetry by James D. Maxon


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Posted by on December 21, 2012 in Poems


One response to “A Christmas Poem, by James D. Maxon

  1. Anne Franklin

    December 22, 2012 at 2:38 am

    Merry Christmas !


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